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"Rotiboy" has its beginnings in the bond between the founder and his nephew. They are close ever since the nephew's birth in 1996, with the nephew crawling to the uncle's bed every morning and the uncle, sometimes drinking milk from his bottle. One fine day, the founder's brother was teasing his nephew by calling him "naughty-boy" and that inspired " Rotiboy ". "Roti" means "Bread " Therefore, Rotiboy literally, means "Breadboy" , a name very suitable for a bakery in a multi racial Malaysia.

Rotiboy Bakeshoppe was born in April 1998 In Bukit Mertajam, Penang Malaysia. Founded by Hiro Tan, this company prospers with a mission to provide fresh, good quality bread and great tasting cakes to customers in the neighbourhood. With strict control on shelve life to ensure freshness and taste, Rotiboy became a household name in Bukit Mertajam. In the four years that in Bukit Mertajam, Rotiboy Bakeshoppe were known for its freshly made cakes and high quality bread.

Looking for fresh direction, Rotiboy moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2001 and started its outlet in Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang in January 2002 and since then have experienced phenomenal growth. From then what started out as the name of the brand has become the name of the product that single handedly brought Rotiboy Bakeshoppe to where it is today.

The Origin - The Bun

Rotiboy started out as a product driven brand. We owe all our achievement to date to our signature bun, the one and only "rotiboybun", which has since become the generic name of the Mexican bun recipe it was based on.

Butter filling and coffee flavored topping, it is a bun like no other. Best when it is fresh from the oven, it has a crispy exterior and moist, soft insides, exuding a sweet beautiful aroma that seduces the masses to enjoy the "I tasted heaven..", "wonderful bun" , "bundelicious" experience that no any other buns can deliver. Certainly, its unique taste and aroma have attracted various accolades such as "One bun to rule them all".. "no other bun comes close..."

With the advent of many other brands which are attracted and inspired by Rotiboy, we are effectively the founder and creator of the " bun " industry in Malaysia and worldwide.

Today, while many new products have been introduced and loved in our stores, Rotiboybun is still the best seller and the bun to rule them all.

The Origin - Indonesia

Rotiboy's first international Franchise market is Indonesia and Rotiboy opened the first store in Surabaya in December 2004 and Jakarta in 2005. Today, we have more than 50 stores across Indonesia from Malang to Medan, Bali to Bandung, and of course, capital city of Jakarta. All these stores are supported by two production facilities situated in Surabaya in Jakarta respectively.

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