Rotiboy F.A.Q.

1. How Rotiboy name comes about?

The name "Rotiboy" was family-generated. "One day, my brother was referring to my nephew as a naughty boy. It brings to mind Rotiboy. Beautiful name. GOD sent." Quoted from the founder, Mr. Hiro Tan. The logo is fashioned after the child's facial features

2. What is Rotiboy?

Rotiboy Bakeshoppe started out as the name of the bakery business. Today Rotiboy is the brand of a bun that have sold tens of millions in the region. Rotiboy has become a generic name for Mexican buns. Every time a consumer sees a similar looking bun, they would refer it as Rotiboy, not knowing that there exists a huge difference in taste, quality and satisfaction between the Mexican buns sold elsewhere and the Rotiboy sold in Rotiboy stores.

3. When was Rotiboy Bakeshoppe established?


4. Where is the first Rotiboy Bakeshoppe located?

Bukit Mertajam, Penang (Pearl Of Orient) , Malaysia

5. Where is Rotiboy headquartered?

Lot 159 Jalan Industri 2/2 Rawang Integrated Industrial Park 48000 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Tel : 603 6091 7202, Fax: 603 6091 9202

6. How many Rotiboy Bakeshoppe stores now globally?

Currently, Rotiboy has 12 stores in Malaysia, 35 stores in Indonesia, 150 stores in South Korea.

7. Is Rotiboybun similar to Mexican bun?

Rotiboy or Rotiboybun is Rotiboy Bakeshoppe's unique version of the Mexican Bun.

8. Where can you find Rotiboybuns ?

Rotiboy is only available at Rotiboy Bakeshoppe stores.

9. What other products are there in Rotiboy stores?

Besides the signature product, Rotiboy stores have different mixed of products in different countries. In Malaysia there's a complete range of products from Breads, Sandwiches, Loaf, Puffs & pastries, Muffins, cakes, beverages to Light meal. In Korea we are mini cafe's delivering Buns, Coffee and Ice cream. In Indonesia, they are specialty stores which only carry the signature product.

10. What is Rotiboy aspiration?

A Bun for every being. Food for every hungry soul. Health for every inhabitant of this planet. A positive difference to everyone.

11. What is so great about Rotiboy?

Many have said the first bite of Rotiboy is like the first kiss, you will never forget how it touches your tongue. Some said " I tasted heaven " , some said " I tasted opportunity ", some said both. Others said " wonderful bun " and " bundelicious ". We would say a GIFT from GOD and a TOOL to touch the lives of the people of the world. We offer a bun that taste like no other, dreamt for like no other, talked of like no other, sold like no other and we are the first and the best, like no other. It is after our resounding success that we have a big crowd following us to try their luck by trying to make and sell the same type of bun. While those that come after us are driven by commerce, Rotiboy is driven by passion, day and nite, 24/7 the whole year round.

12. What is so amazing about Rotiboy ?

Amazing things happen in Amazing Thailand. Have u ever come across buns being sold in black market at a price 40% - 60% higher than its retail price? Well, it happened in Bangkok in the first 9 months of being in the market where customers queue one hour before opening and each limited to only 10 buns.

13. Why take our word for it ?

You do not have to take our word for it. Go to a Rotiboy store and ask for our hot hot rotiboybun, ( in case you are unaware, the bun is never on display ) eat it and maybe you can tell us how great it is. We WILL take your word for it. ?

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